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Pet Portraits are all hand painted to order and can take upwards of 10 hours to paint.

All canvasses are 'Box' canvasses and are appx 4cm deep.

3 or more pets - Price on enquiry.

Any size is possible though, just ask!

P & P is a flat £5 for UK Royal mail signature on delivery. (Outside UK please bear with me and I will quote delivery on enquiry).


How to order

1). Please have a look through my PetPics Rogues gallery .

2). Please choose your size of canvas .

3). Find (or take) some really great photos of your pet. Preferably in natural daylight and that really capture your pet’s personality. I find that head and shoulders photos work the best but it is of course totally up to you!

(If all this is not possible, ie: it is an old photo to be painted in memoriam, I can work with what you have, but I will have to confirm this once I have seen the photo).

4). Decide on your background colour. I can paint detailed backgrounds (ie; grass / sea / floorboards / tiles etc.) but plain coloured backgrounds seem to show off your pet the best. Once again though this is totally up to you!

5). Get in touch! Email me at where we can have a nice chat! Please attach any photos, let me know your chosen size and background colour, and your deadline if you have one (please err on the side of caution here and build in plenty of time).  It is also good to know a little about the chosen pet…. their name, sex, breed, funny stories, nature, and age. It really helps when I’m painting!

6). I will need a 50% deposit at this point to secure your booking. You can do this via PayPal (or bank transfer upon request). Once I have received the deposit I will confirm you have a slot. The deposit is non refundable once slot is confirmed.

What happens next?

1). I will email you back ASAP with an approximate delivery date. Obviously this depends on the time of year, and my waiting list (which can be up to 8 weeks).

2). I paint your PetPic!

3). I will email you a photo of your finished PetPic. (small changes are still possible at this point).

4). Once you are 100% happy with the finished portrait I will require the remaining 50% balance (again via PayPal or bank transfer upon request), and then I just need your delivery address.

5). I will post to you via Royal Mail recorded delivery (UK). P & P is £5. (Outside UK please bear with me and I can quote you delivery cost on enquiry).



Can you paint an animal that has passed away? Yes I can paint from old photographs, but do need to see them first before I confirm your slot. If the quality is not good enough I may not be able to reproduce it.

Do you need to meet my animal? I love animals but no! I don’t need to meet your pet. Good quality photos are enough. A description of your pets nature and any funny stories also help me to build a picture of their character, which in turn helps me to paint them.

Can you paint more than one pet? Yes. Price on enquiry. Depending on size of canvass I don’t recommend more than 3 pets in one picture.

Can you paint different types of animal on one canvas ie; a cat & a dog? Yes! Anything is possible.

Can you paint HUGE canvasses? Yes! Just ask, price on enquiry.

What paint do you use? High quality Acrylic paint.

Will my picture fade? No, the acrylic paint I use says it is fade resistant, but I would recommend not hanging it in a very strong directly sunlit area.

How long does each picture take you? Depends on size of canvas…  For example though a 20 x 20cm canvas can take appx 10 hours.

How do I hang the canvas? A single nail will hold the smaller canvasses, or 2 nails for the larger ones, command strips work really well too.

Can I make changes once the PetPic is painted? Yes you can make small changes, nothing drastic though!

What’s the weirdest pet you’ve ever painted? So far just your average guinea pig or fluffy rabbit….but I am totally open to painting any animal however strange!

Dream PetPic?  Baby Sloth!


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