Laura painting
I was the kid that was always drawing.
As far back a I can remember I drew.
Every birthday and Christmas I drew all my cards (and my parents kept every one)!
My first ‘company’ at 8 years old was called  “A ‘yet another homemade card’ Production” and this is where I first turned my hand to calligraphy.
I bought books on lettering from our Primary school book club (I still have the books). I took night classes in calligraphy at 13. I studied Art at GCSE and A level, and I have a Btec foundation in Art from Portsmouth University.
It was during my Foundation year that I combined my love of art with my other love…Fashion! As a struggling student I made a lot of my own clothes *cringes* and would constantly design and draw outfits. I was often to be found on the floor of Topshop changing rooms tracing out patterns!
All this led to my BA Hons in Fashion & Illustration from The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, and then a 20 year career in Fashion Buying & designing.
As with many women, the birth of my son led to a ‘career break’ that turned into a ‘career stop’! and to fit around the rollercoaster that is first time motherhood I started drawing and painting again….it saved my sanity! I created presents and cards for other Mums, and now 5 years later here I am!
Full circle.
I absolutely LOVE what I do and I am grateful every day that 1). I have the ability to draw, 2). people trust me to make them things! and 3). I get to make a living from it.
Please know that if you order anything from me that it is 100% made with love and joy and gratitude in every brushstroke.
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Love Laura x